Pool Regrounting Liners

Swimming Pool Regrouting

At some point in a pool´s life, it will require a re-grout. To say when or after how many years is difficult because it´s all according to a number of factors : local conditions, it´s use over the years, maintenance and quality of grouting and materials when built or last grouted etc etc. But with grout missing, tiles damaged, calcium build-up, discolouration and just general build up of grime there are a number of consequences. Not only does it look bad, but with razor sharp tile edges exposed it can be dangerous too. Furthermore the cracks and holes will also harbour more bacteria and support mould growth that would be normally denied by smooth surfaces and complete joints. This can all lead to longer filtration times and the requirement for higher chlorine levels (and the need for a pack of plasters to hand).

Regrouting, will not only transform the aesthetics of your pool (actually it´s an overhaul as well), but also the cleaning of it as well…and the way you feel about it!

Our regrout process is systematic and thorough : after we have emptied the pool, washed every (every) joint with high pressure water and cleaned where necessary with acid, and repaired and replaced tiles, we regrout the entire pool employing the very best water proof and chemical proof grout on the market.

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