Pump Repair

Pump Repair

Here at `Poolsolutions´ we will almost every time try to repair your pump before replacing it. This as you can imagine is not always possible because pumps after all do have a life span.

The purpose of the pump is to circulate the pool water. It draws it from either the skimmer, the bottom drain or the vacuum point. The water then passes through the pre-filter basket in the pump´s housing. It then goes into the sand filter via the six way valve, passing through the sand and then returning to the pool via the impulsions.

Should a new pump be the appropriate solution, it is important that it is compatible with your filter, a too bigger pump will force the water through your filter and increase the pressure within it, and a smaller pump will have to work harder the entire time, therefore reducing filtration rate and the pump´s life.

Tip : it´s always best to run the filtration pump once a day rather than a few shorter bursts, so the pump is not starting and stopping more than necessary. Even during the winter months it is important to run the pump daily to keep the pump alive, or if not it will be in danger of ceasing.

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