Swimming Pool Filtration and Filters

Chlorine and other chemicals will kill bacteria and algae but it is the sand or glass in your filter that takes the nasties out of the water you swim in.

The more times the water passes through the sand the cleaner and healthier your water. In most cases a pool filtration pump is 0.5 – 0.75 kw thus costing around 0.10 centimes per/hr to run. The filtration material does have a life span. Due to losing the finer particles, more so in the case of sand than glass, when backwashing etc the sand filtration efficiency lessens therefore allowing dust and minute particles to pass through and back into your pool. It is recommended that the sand in your filter is changed every 4/5 years, glass upto 10. We offer this service at a fixed price based on the size of the filter and amount of material to be replaced.

Rule of thumb for ideal hours of filtration is half the water temperature in hours of filtration, when the water is above 15

Enhance your filtration on the Cosat Blanca Here on the Costa Blanca, especially during the summer peak, if you live here or especially if you are renting your villa out the pool can get exceesive useage…year-on-year… this is how bad it can get in a sand filter after years of use – a pea souper of suncreams and oils, debris and bacteria …

Pool water is circulated and pumped through a filter to strip it of debris and bacteria. The material inside the filter will most likely be sand. Pool Solutions recommends and installs glass (vidrio) that, without changing any of your pool equipment, will increase the filtration efficiency, improving water clarity, reducing chemical usage, back wash times and remaining effective upto 10 years as opposed to 4/5 years with sand. How? Glass is less porous than sand, does not saturate like sand (that normally cakes with the sun creams, lotions and potions) and, unlike sand denies algae the opportunity to form in the filter. Call us for more information on how to upgrade your filter system.

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